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Female. illustrator, memory collector

In this space on Tumblr, I'll be trying to share some of my illustration working progress and some news.

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12 PRINTS SHOW is on at Print club London gallery on Bricklane.
Also you can purchase prints from their online shop

Yesterday I’ve got an surprise email from someone who bought 2/50 edition of my Modern Solitude print at private view night, and this made me so happy.
I want to capture some of the sentences he said about my work from the email, to remember.

I was able to make intuitive connections to the work that were both nostalgic and

I feel as though it perfectly encapsulates a time and place that I and the
rest of my generation have been. Perhaps that place is cold and dark and
instead of seeking solitude in a robust structure, you seek it in apparel.
It almost comments on the fad and it’s role in contemporary youth culture.
But there’s comfort in this fad (the large, patterned jumper in this case)
and that really said something to me. 

 Thank you, Dean.